Exploitation of microalgae diversity for the development of novel high added-value cosmeceuticals

It is generally accepted that the technological achievements of modern Biotechnology have contributed greatly to the improvement of our life through the development of new products and services, especially those targeting towards the discovery of new products and applications for industry and personal health. The biggest challenge for Biotechnology in the 21st century is to meet this target by exploiting the natural biodiversity and using environmentally friendly technologies. Microalgae were always an exciting target for Biotechnology, as they represent a largely untapped reservoir of novel and valuable bioactive compounds.
AlgaeCom project seeks to exploit the natural microalgae biodiversity as a source for state-of-the-art high-added-value cosmeceuticals. The project will combine both basic and applied research in the fields of –omics technologies, biochemistry, and applied biotechnology.
AlgaeCom is an EU Framework Programme 7 Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways (IAPP) project. Project number 286354.
Microalgae cultures in bioreactors
Lyophilized microalgae